Friday, February 26, 2021
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150 billion – and counting.

Read again: 150 billion. That is 150,000,000,000. That is the approximate number of land, air and sea animals killed EVERY YEAR for their flesh, their milk, their meat, their fur or their skin. So basically, we kill around 17 times the human world population in animals every year. Let this sink in.

You don’t believe that? Educate yourself.

Why not start here? Open the site, wait for a minute, then check the counters and stand in awe. It is not only absolutely mind-boggling that this is even possible, it sheds light on an industry that is not only rapidly killing off a lot of animal diversity and population, it also kills our planet.

Why is that?

Well, bet you didn’t know that 90% of the grains, legumes, soy etc. cultivated on the land that has been freed up by burning down the Amazon rain forest (about 90% of it is already gone) is not consumed by humans (vegans) but only there for feeding the animals so they get fat and ripe for finishing them off. By deforesting important parts of this planet (like said rain forest), we’re effectively boosting carbon emissions and speeding up the ongoing climate change (and yeah, if you are a climate change skeptic, please gently fuck off since this is simply a fact, nothing we need to “discuss” in 2021) thus meaning we destroy our planet with fork, spoon and knife.

Apart from that, did you know that global animal food production is responsible for 18% of global carbon emissions whereas all global transportation accounts for about 16%? Or that by eating significantly less (means at least 50-75% less) or even better no meat we could effectively free up all the plant-based food needed to feed the starving parts of world population? Let that sink in again.

Don’t you find it strange on second thought that we invest immense resources globally to burn down much needed forests, create monocultures (oftentimes with genetically modified plants), ruin the environment and take away land from indigenous peoples to feed animals with immense amounts of food (which is bad for them and in turn, the antibiotics and shit used on them are bad for us) to turn them into burgers or steaks we eat mindlessly without giving any thought on how our food was obtained?

Then get this fun fact: this shit is also really really bad for us (c’mon, admit it, you know that red meat and deep frying are shitty for your heart and arteries and might well give you diabetes ) and could even kill us.

Head over to, scroll down and check the documentaries there, educate yourself and then do the sensible thing: follow us on a plant-based journey, it is so worth it!

If you have any questions, post a comment or drop me a line via the chat or contact form – looking forward to hearing from you!


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