Friday, February 26, 2021
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Going green for the better – my way to plant-based

I was thinking about my nutrition for some weeks now, especially since starting the 100 day challenge but also back when I started with doing more cycling workouts and decided to shape up. Eating more veggies was definitely one of the areas where HUGE improvement was in order: I was a “meativore”, eating lots and lots of processed stuff like salami, pizza, tuna and also basically meat one or even more times a day. I already knew from the bottom of my heart that this is not only shitty in terms of animal fate but also that meat is a factor in regard to the environment.

And then came The Gamechangers

Some days ago, I found the documentary “The Gamechangers” by James Wilks on Netflix (watch it here – a really important film) and it basically changed my perspective on animal products in regard to my health.

The film basically touches upon the adverse effects of meat and dairy products on fertility, coronary heart disease, the environment (especially since 90% of the world’s soy production goes into animal feeding) and of course animal wellbeing and it is fairly eye-opening.

Stage 2: Vegucated

I already planned to try out being a vegetarian from 1st of January, but then I saw another film, “Vegucated”, and this one is something everybody has to see if you ask me. It not only shows the effects of consuming animal(-based) products, but also a lot of other important issues (won’t spoil it) in an interesting and captivating fashion. So please make room in your schedule, sit down and watch this, because the following 1 hour and 16 minutes might change your life for the better (as it did for me):

So what’s the plan?

The plan is simple: me and the missus kicked out all the animal-based foods from the pantry, bought two new cookbooks and will be 100% plant based from now on. This means that the recipes and stuff I’ll put on this blog will be delicious and easy plant-based / vegan recipes, I’ll add my findings and learnings and provide you with info on the how’s and what’s as I learn and incorporate them into my daily routines.

I’ll also do a fact and science based Q&A on the blog soon, so stay tuned and I hope this post also helps you in making good and healthy decisions (not only for yourself but also the environment and the animals )

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I am an avid self improver, habit breaker and always trying to better myself.

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