Friday, February 26, 2021
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How to stay accountable

Granted, not every day is a good day and not every day, I like having to go on the mat for a workout or hit the bike for 30km or more. But I do it. Here’s why.

The secret: accountability.

Imagine this: you get up in the morning feeling like an old battle tank somehow rolled over you multiple times during the night. You can’t barely keep your eyes straight, just stumble to the coffee machine, try to get your head straight and before you know it, you somehow got dressed and are on your way to work. After a shitty day at work with a lot of hustling and stress, you come back, only longing for some privacy and rest, but you still have to care for household chores, bills, your wife and kids, your pets, your laundry and whatnot. In the evening, you end up on the couch exhausted, stuff something in your face knowing that this is in no way healthy and that you should eat better, train more, generally do more for yourself but sitting there, watching some TV, eating that candy or drinking that beer provides that little bit of soothing before the grind starts again. And then, night comes and the battle tank is en route again…

Sound familiar?

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that, but in the first place, why is it so? For me, it turned out that my coping strategies for stress were an illusions, yes they bred even more stress without me knowing it. I ate a lot of stuff as “compensation” for stressful days that was in fact not only bad for my health, it also effectively prevented any improvement in my situation: because of stuffing my face with sweets while playing computer games at night (drinking soda and fruit juices to wash them down of course) I put on more and more weight, deterring me from ever really going on that quite expensive indoor exercise bike I bought and which was sitting right there in a corner of my home, waiting for someone to get on it and start spinning. I thought about changing many times and also started some diets (even lost nearly 20kg / 44lbs in 2 months with keto but gained it all back) as well as some running, but every time, I quit after some time.

What I just didn’t know and what I learned by educating myself on the process of building good habits and in the process breaking bad habits was that you need to help yourself stay accountable.

What does this even mean?

Well, imagine the following: you and a friend decide to lose weight and that you will both refrain from eating sweets from this day forward. Since you and your friend don’t live in the same household, there is no real way to determine if both of you really don’t eat no sweets or merely say so.

This is were accountability comes into play: imagine you both agree on doing 30 minutes of sports every single day for 90 days AND you agree on sending each other an “after exercise” picture, it is far more likely that you’ll both put in the work so that you do not embarrass yourself in front of the other – and this means you stay accountable and true to your word.

Accountability is an important factor in all situations in life: if you learn to stay accountable (even without an accountability partner), you will notice enormous improvements in ever day life: you won’t fall prey to procrastination, do your chores, eat your greens, do your homework – whatever it is that you have to do, when you make staying accountable a habit, you will notice win after win in every aspect, believe me!

Check this video for more:

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I am an avid self improver, habit breaker and always trying to better myself.

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