Friday, February 26, 2021
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Welcome to 100 Days Of Fun!

This website is a colorful mix of “personal-blog-turned-into-something-more”, accountability group, knowledge base and whatnot.

How it all started & what the background is

In 2020, I started with DDP Yoga (DDPY), which is in fact an equally colorful mix of Yoga poses combined with two main ingredients: isometric training (which basically means training your muscles by contraction rather than with gym equipment) and the amped up personality of former pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page:

Diamond Dallas Page (@RealDDP) | Twitter
Image courtesy of @realddp on Twitter

DDPY is a full-fledged home workout program which is not only highly beneficial when you try to get down on the scale, it also provides benefits when it comes to flexibility and strength and is often used by people with handicaps (e.g. post-op, morbidly obese, hernia, …) to great effect.

Apart from that, DDPY promotes a no gluten, no dairy nutrition plan (which I as a vegan do not follow) and provides a very useful mobile app with all the workouts, weekly motivational videos and a lot of bonus content.

The 100 day challenge

In late 2020, I joined the “100 days of DDPY” challenge which basically means at least one workout from the app every day, for 100 days straight. Since I’m already an “alumnus” of various “The Conqueror” challenges (e.g. Inca Trail, Hadrian’s Wall, 2020 year challenge, Giza Challenge,…) I decided to not only do the 100 day challenge but also spice it up with indoor biking, walking and (later in 2021) regular running to get more cardio, more weight loss and more training in my schedule.

That is how the Workout Log section started: as a storage for my “evidence posts” (every challenger is required to provide an app screenshot for every day so one stays accountable and to his / her goals) and out of this, a Facebook Messenger chat group (our 100dof accountability group) spawned. This is in turn led me to the decision to make this site a full-fledged blog and provide my views on and experiences with nutrition, motivation and the daily workout grind

If you are interested in joining our group, just drop me a line via contact form and I’ll love to get back to you! Now have fun with the posts and don’t hesitate to post comments or ask questions!


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