Friday, February 26, 2021
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Plant-based update

Hey fellas, how’s it going? Today, I’d like to give you an update on the progress of my transition to vegan / plant-based nutrition. If you are not sure what I’m talking about, please check this post first.

As you might not know, I’ve been an avid meat-eater and vegetable-despiser for years. Until recently, I was basically eating mostly meat, sausage, ham, bacon, salami, eggs and a lot of dairy stuff like various cheeses. After educating myself on the effects of an omnivore (or in my case mostly carnist) diet on health and the environment (see this post) by watching movies like “The Gamechangers”, “Vegucated”, “Good Food, Bad Food” or “Fed Up” (just to name a few) and reading a lot on the topic, I decided that something has to change. And that’s when right the day before Christmas in 2020, I decided to kick out animal-based products out of my life entirely. And so far, I’m as happy and content as I’ve ever been – read on to learn why.

The health factor

Since you’re reading this blog, I assume you’ve already learned that I’m in the process of self transformation by getting fitter and healthier (and losing weight). Therefore, I simply do not want to put stuff in my body that is a) hampering my progress b) giving me nutrient deficiencies and c) overall bad for my cholesterol, inflammation markers and risk for coronary heart disease as well as stroke, parkinsons or alzheimers. Yeah, you read that right: a lot of foods in today’s “standard diets” is basically a heap of trash that is slowly killing you.

Don’t believe it? Then think of this: most people always say that they feel healthy, that being overweight is of no concern for them, that they don’t feel any bad effects from their nutrition etc etc. but on the other hand…

  • diabetes is skyrocketing globally
  • coronary heart disease, bypass and stent operations as well as pacemakers are on the rise
  • blood pressure levels of most of the people are too high or low
  • cancer is on the rise
  • people have lots of unhealthy stress and compensate with bad nutrition, thus getting more unhealthy, fatter and sicker all the time
  • lots of people complain of sleep apnea and bad sleep
  • taking various pills every day against diabetes, high blood pressure, sleeping problems, heart problems, stomach aches, heartburn and many more has become the norm

The list goes on an on and on – everybody basically thinks they are healthy and don’t need to change but on the other hand, many more people suffer from preventable conditions created by their lifestyle from day to day.

The ethical aspect

Consider the following for a moment: your wife is pregnant. As soon as she gives birth, the baby is taken away from her as is the mother milk. If it is a male child, it is either killed off immediately or sent off to a facility where it is stuffed with growth enhancers and GMO corn to become large and fat in no time, just to be killed for its meat or used as a tool for impregnating other females. In case of a female, the baby is taken to a separate location of the facility to be raised as another “birth machine” and thus will share the same fate as its mother.

Your wife in the meantime is then artificially impregnated again so she gives mother milk again (which then is taken from her and packaged into cardboard boxes to be sold at supermarkets) and the cycle continues on end until she is no longer “profitable”, then she will be shot in the head, hooked to the ceiling, sliced open and her flesh is used to make soup or shredded and fed to other animals.

Sounds fucking grisly, right? Say hello to the dairy industry. This is exactly how your daily dose of milk for your morning cereals is produced – and sorry to break it to you, it is also the responsibilty that lasts on you for buying and consuming milk.

And this is just the dairy industry – if you look into the meat industry, you’ll learn of a lot more inhumane and outright barbaric procedures and that is why I do not want to be part of this system anymore and support the suffering and death of farm animals.

The effects

As many vegans or plant-based eaters report, I noticed an immediate rise in energy levels, especially when it comes to my workouts. There is also no more “heaviness” after eating a meal and overall, I feel far more positive and overall just “better”.

I also had my blood tested and what can I say?

  • cholesterol levels are still pretty high but not dangerous anymore
  • no inflammation marker activity at all
  • no vitamin or nutrient deficiencies at all
  • greatly lowered risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and auto immune diseases with a tendency of improving even further over time

Most importantly, I also noticed that I feel less susceptible to stress and generally am more balanced when it comes to emotions (ok, this is also in part due to meditating more recently) and it just feels right.

I hope you enjoyed this post and drop me a line in the comments section or get in touch about this topic – until then, stay tuned and have a good one!

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I am an avid self improver, habit breaker and always trying to better myself.

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