Friday, February 26, 2021
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The importance of building debt

Sounds crazy, right? Trust me, it is not when you build the right debt (hint: it is not financial debt with shady credit sharks or gangster types ).

Make a list and starting owing

Some time ago I heard one of the best pieces of advice from Joe Rogan which changed my view on things and which helped me better myself beyond what I thought possible.

Watch it here:

TL;DR (ok, more TL;DW)

Sit down on Sunday, make a list of stuff you owe yourself in the coming week. This means if you want to lose weight, build a “debt list” of:

  • doing 3 workouts throughout the week
  • eating right 6 of 7 days (and not overdoing it on the 7th!)
  • logging your calorie intake and output every day, even on your relax / recreation day
  • meditating 3 times to lessen your stress and get a clearer mind

Or let’s say you want to improve your business then make a list like that:

  • listen to business advice podcasts 4 times the coming week
  • create 2 social media posts advertising your business
  • call 10 new contacts to sell your services to

These are just some examples but it boils down to this: you need to hold yourself accoutable and build a mindset of accountability. Be honest with yourself and commit to work ethic: would you want to create the impression that you are a dishonest person who always promises but never delivers? I guess not. So why cheat and lie to yourself and refrain from doing the work?

So in Joe’s words: become a bad motherfucker (because it is so worth it becoming the hero of your story, believe me)

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I am an avid self improver, habit breaker and always trying to better myself.

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